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    In the dynamic maritime industry, ship leasing has emerged as a strategic financial tool for shipping companies, enabling them to acquire vessels, expand their operations, and optimize capital expenditures. Recognizing the immense potential of this sector, the International Financial Services Centre's Authority (IFSCA) has introduced a comprehensive framework to facilitate ship leasing activities within India's International Financial Services Centre's (IFSCs).

    Our team of experienced chartered accountants is ready to guide you through the intricacies of ship leasing under the IFSCA framework. We offer comprehensive services to assist you in every step of the process, from eligibility assessment and business plan development to regulatory compliance and risk management. Contact us today to unlock the potential of ship leasing and navigate the seas of success.

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    Advantages Of Ship Leasing

    Ship leasing is a financial arrangement where a ship owner, known as the lessor, leases the ship to a shipping company, known as the lessee, for a predetermined period in exchange for rental payments. This arrangement offers several advantages to both parties:

    For Shipping Companies:

    For Lessors:

    Why US

    Why Choose Us For Ship Leasing Registration and Compliance Services

    Our team of experienced chartered accountants possesses in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry and the IFSCA framework. We provide a comprehensive suite of services to guide you through the entire ship leasing process, ensuring seamless compliance and optimal financial outcomes.


    Eligibility For Ship Leasing

    To qualify for ship leasing under the IFSCA framework, entities must meet specific eligibility criteria, including:


    Process To Start An Ship Leasing Business

    Initiating a ship leasing business within the IFSCA framework involves a structured process that adheres to regulatory requirements:

    60 Minutes Strategic Planning Consultation:

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    post-registration Ship Leasing Companies compliances

    We offer comprehensive range of services to help businesses comply with all applicable regulations and protect their reputation. Our expert team ensures that your business meets all IFSCA regulations hassle-free. From audits to strategic advice, we've got you covered. Let us handle the complexities of IFSCA compliance. 


    What Our Clients Say

    Mr. Manish is highly professional. We get the best service and advice. Very punctual and dedicated team, always stays upfront in informing anything to avoid obligations. Thank you so much.

    Raman Shukla

    COO at VSERV Infosystems & Founder VSERV Academy
    Mr. Manish Mishra's team provided invaluable guidance and expertise in Fintech and NBFC advisory, helping us navigate complex financial regulations and achieve remarkable growth in our business. Their insights are truly a game-changer.

    Abhishek M R

    Managing Director AMR FINANCE PVT LTD
    Mr. Manish, as our Virtual CFO, has been instrumental in propelling our business to spontaneous growth. His expert guidance and strategic insights have transformed our financial landscape, paving the way for remarkable success.

    Ajay Kumar

    Founder & CEO - Eagabriz Shipping Pvt Ltd


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    A wide range of ships, including cargo ships, container ships, tankers, and offshore vessels, are eligible for leasing under the IFSCA framework.

    Ship leasing transactions are subject to various taxes, including corporate income tax, GST, and withholding taxes. Our CA firm can provide expert guidance on tax planning and compliance.

    Ship maintenance and repair must be carried out by authorized service providers and in accordance with applicable maritime safety regulations.

    Our CA firm can assist in developing risk management strategies, conducting due diligence on ships and lessees, and monitoring lease performance.

    The ship leasing industry in India is poised for significant growth, driven by the increasing demand for maritime transportation and the government’s focus on infrastructure development.


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