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    Collective Investment Management Company Registration & Compliances

    Collective Investment Schemes are considered as pools of investments where different people carry out investments in a particular asset. More than one person would invest in such a scheme. Collective Investment Schemes are regulated under The Securities and Exchange Board of India. 

    The main objective of having this form of collective investment scheme is to get some form of income or profit as a result of this investment.

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    Participants of CIS

    Fund Manager

    A fund manager is a qualified expert who manages the investment resolution of the schemes. The person suggests reconciliations, trading valuation, and unit value of schemes. 


    As per the Collective Investment Scheme Regulations, 1999, it is imperative that the CIS is constituted in the form of a Trust. The Trustee observes the rules and regulations set in place and works for the benefit of the unit holders, safeguards the assets and ensures that it stays compliant throughout. It is the Collective Investment Management Company that appoints the Trustee who holds the property of the CIS.


    Shareholders are the individuals who invest in the schemes and form a money pool for the scheme. These individuals possess a primary right over the assets of the scheme. 


    Eligibility for Collective Investment Management Company


    Benefits of Collective Investment Schemes

    Portfolio of Securities

    An investor considering investing in a CIS would have a wide range of portfolio to consider. Hence an investor can choose a suitable portfolio to invest as per his requirements.

    Maximization of Profits

    Through this scheme profits can be maximized. Having different forms of investments in various collective investment schemes would definitely maximize the profits.


    One of the main aims of investing in such scheme is diversification of the portfolio. Through diversification, one can achieve good returns and reduce the risk avenues in the investment.


    Collective investment schemes are highly liquid and marketable. Hence considering investing in such scheme would maximize the income of the investor.

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    Collective Investment Management Company compliances

    We offer comprehensive range of services to help businesses comply with all applicable regulations and protect their reputation.


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    A company which is involved in carrying out the activities of a CIS is known as a collective investment management company.

    The CIS companies come under the CIS regulations 1999 of SEBI. The registration certificate to CIS companies is also granted by SEBI.

    No, companies accepting deposits from NBFCs, Nidhi Companies or EPF are not eligible for CIS.

    Any form of units related to a unit trust, cannot be considered for the purposes of this scheme.

    A trustee plays a crucial role in handling this scheme. As this comprises a portfolio of different forms of securities of individuals, such portfolio must be effectively handled with diligence and integrity. Hence a trustee is appointed to act on behalf of the beneficiaries in handling the securities under this scheme.

    The net worth of the applicant must be 5 crores or more ( At the time of filing the application, the net worth of the applicant can be 3 crores). However, within 3 years from the date of registering the application, the net worth should be 5 crores.


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