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    NBFC Registration & Compliances

    Non-Banking Financial Companies are the bridges that connects the depositors or investors with the borrowers and they have become a better or good alternative to the financial & banking sector by providing financial solutions to the unorganized segments of society.

    NBFC registration is very important for a person who wants to carry finance business in India. These non-banking financial companies offer its services to multiple ranges of customers and provide loans to the deprived sections of society including both urban & rural areas in this way they contribute towards the growth of the country.

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    Virtual CFO Service For NBFC

    A Virtual CFO Service for NBFCs offers invaluable support to non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) looking for expert financial guidance. They are there for customers who are not looking to make the expenses of hiring a full-time CFO.

    By using the expertise of experienced financial professionals on the required basis, NBFCs can manage strategic financial insights, risk management solutions, and regulatory compliance. Their solutions are designed to meet customer’s specific needs.

    Whether it’s optimizing capital structure, conducting financial analysis, or handling complex regulatory things, the Virtual CFO Service for NBFC provides a cost-effective solution. They are good for enhancing economic performance and ensuring long-term sustainability. 

    What is a NBFC?

    A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a financial institution that provides banking services like loans, advances, and credit facilities, but it doesn’t hold a banking license. Unlike traditional banks, NBFCs cannot accept demand deposits from the public but they do engage in activities such as lending and investments, making them crucial players in the financial ecosystem. Essentially, they bridge the gap between banks and customers by offering a variety of financial services, catering to specific needs and segments of the population. While they don’t fall under the strict regulatory framework of banks, NBFCs still operate under regulatory guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to ensure financial stability and consumer protection.


    Advantages of NBFC Registration

    NBFC REgistration

    eligibility criteria for NBFC Registration

    As per Section 45(1A) of the RBI Act, any individual or Company eager to start a loan or investment business in India needs to register a company that meets the requirements prescribed for NBFCs.

    Directors Profile

    The directors should have knowledge and experience regarding finance, credit and banking.

    NBFC Business Plan

    The Company should have a detailed business plan for the next five years.


    Shareholders must have two crores as the Net Owned Fund. Investment should not be borrowed fund.

    Credit History

    The directors and shareholders must not have any write-offs.

    Quality of Capital

    The Net Owned Fund must be tax paid, and all legal compliance of the management of the Company must be clean and legally up to standard.


    Different Types of NBFCs

    Housing Finance Companies

    A Housing Finance Company is part of NBFC focused on constructing homes, financing property acquisition, and developing plots for new housing.

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    Standalone Primary Dealers​

    SPDs, NBFCs acting as intermediaries, link the government with the secondary market, often as bank subsidiaries or registered entities.

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    Core Investment Companies​

    CICs, specialized NBFCs, require RBI registration. Those with ₹100 crore+ assets focus on acquiring shares/securities.

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    Infrastructure Debt Fund​

    Infradebt, an IDF in NBFC format by India's government, aims to attract long-term institutional investors for funding infrastructure projects.

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    Peer to Peer Lending Platform​

    P2P lending, akin to crowdfunding, is mostly structured as NBFC fintech firms, offering a modern credit approach distinct from traditional finance.

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    Infrastructure Finance Companies​

    An infrastructure Finance Company is one of the categories of NBFC or a financial firm that specializes in lending money to infrastructure businesses.

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    Asset Reconstruction Companies​

    An asset reconstruction company is a specialized entity acquiring bad debts and financial assets from specific banks or financial institutions.

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    Investment and Credit Companies​

    Investment and Credit Companies​ are financial institutions focused on asset finance, lending for external activities, and acquiring securities.

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    Mortgage Guarantee

    Mortgage guarantee firms face potential losses in default cases of loans they guarantee, requiring provisions for yet-to-trigger events or uninvoked guarantees.

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    Asset Finance Companies​

    As per RBI, an Asset Finance Company primarily funds physical assets, supporting economic activities like automobiles, machinery, and industrial equipment.

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    Payment Aggregators​

    A payment aggregator, or payfac/PSP, streamlines electronic payment acceptance for businesses, distinct from each other despite their interchangeable use.

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    TReDS aids MSMEs by financing their trade receivables from various buyers, including corporates, and government entities, through multiple financiers.

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    Deposit accepting NBFCs​

    NBFCs can accept public deposits for 12-60 months, not on-demand. Interest rates should comply with RBI's prescribed ceiling rates.

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    Micro Finance Institutions

    A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) - Micro Finance Institution (MFI) is a financial company that does not accept deposits.

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    Non-Deposit taking Company

    NBFC-MFI: Non-deposit taking, with at least 85% of assets as qualifying assets meeting specific criteria.

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    A Non-Banking Financial Company – Factors (NBFC-Factors) is a non-deposit taking NBFC that specializes in factoring.

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    NBFC Compliances

    post-registration NBFC compliances

    If a company has effectively obtained online Non-Banking Financial Company Registration, then it’s obligatory to fulfill all the Non-Banking Financial Company annual compliances. Where NBFC is failing to accomplish the contracts, Non-Banking Financial Company becomes liable for the hefty penalties. The penalties can even lead to the cancellation of the Registration.

    Statutory Audit

    Tax Audit

    Income Tax Return Filing

    GST Return Filing

    Registrar of Companies Returns

    RBI Compliances


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    Yes, it is necessary to have RBI registration for NBFCs.

    NBFCs can accept or renew public deposits for durations ranging from 12 to 60 months. They are restricted from accepting deposits repayable on demand and cannot offer interest rates surpassing the ceiling rate prescribed by the RBI.

    A bank is a government-authorized organization that offers banking services to the public; in contrast, an NBFC is a business that offers banking services to the public without possessing a bank license.
    In simple language, when a business entity purchases, any other NBFC business entity is called NBFC Takeover.

    Under Section 45-IA of the RBI Act, 1934, no Non-banking Financial Company can engage in non-banking financial activities without obtaining a registration certificate from the Bank. Additionally, it must possess Net Owned Funds amounting to ₹25 lakhs (₹2 crore since April 1999).


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