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    AIF Registration & Compliances

    Alternative Investment Funds are a type of pooled investment fund that invests in a variety of alternative assets, such as venture capital, real estate, private equity, hedge funds, and managed futures. Unlike conventional assets like stocks and debt securities, AIFs offer a unique investment avenue to sophisticated private investors who want to diversify their portfolio and explore alternative investment opportunities.

    Alternative Investment Fund [AIF] are governed and regulated by the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The SEBI registered AIF can exist in the Form of Trust, LLP, or body corporate. The nature and risk of investments made via AIF are different from traditional investment options. The registration of an AIF shall be valid till the lifetime of the AIF.

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    Benefits of Alternative Investment Fund

    1. Greater Flexibility and Scope

    AIFs offer greater flexibility and scope compared to traditional investment options. They are not bound by the same kind of investment restrictions that apply to mutual funds, for instance. This means that AIFs can invest in a broad range of assets and adopt innovative investment strategies, offering a variety of options for investors seeking different risk and return profiles.

    2. Lucrative Risk-Return Ratio

    With the potential for high returns comes higher risk, but many investors find the risk-return ratio offered by AIFs to be very attractive.

    3. Greater Diversification and Low Correlation

    AIFs can invest in a wide array of assets that are not typically included in traditional portfolios, providing a valuable tool for portfolio diversification. Additionally, the returns from these alternative investments often have low correlation with traditional asset classes, which can help reduce portfolio volatility and enhance risk-adjusted returns.

    4. Opportunities in Unlisted Companies and High-Yielding Funds

    AIFs often provide opportunities to invest in unlisted companies and other high-yielding funds, which are typically inaccessible to regular investors. This gives investors access to potentially lucrative investment opportunities in the private sectors.

    5. Structured Products with Ample Risk Mitigation

    AIFs often offer structured products that are designed to provide a certain level of risk mitigation, while still offering the potential for substantial returns.

    AIF Registration

    Eligibility for Alternative Investment Fund Registration

    Following conditions are necessary to be fulfilled for getting registered as AIFs:

    60 Minutes Strategic Planning Consultation:

    Rs. 1999/-(Now Just Rs. 999/-*)

    Click on "Book Consultation" button below to book consultation. Once you complete the booking transaction, then you will be redirected back here to schedule appointment and it will be clearly explained on that page "how you can schedule call" . 

    AIF Compliances

    post-registration AIF compliances

    AIF needs to comply with the reporting norms of SEBI such as quarterly: by Category-I, II & III(not employing leverage) and monthly: by Category-III (employing leverage).

    We help you to comply all the reporting norms and help you stay fully    compliant.


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    These funds use a combination of complicated trading strategies and are not limited to arbitrage, derivative trading, margin trading, etc. These funds are authorized under SEBI (Alternative Investment Fund) Regulations to invest in unlisted as well as listed derivatives.

    As per the SEBI, AIFs can be registered, established, or incorporated in the Form of trust, company, LLP, partnership firm, body corporate. In general practice, the majority of AIFs are registered as a trust.

    Yes, it can get as per the current FDI policies under the FEMA act.

    Yes, but approval of 75% of investors is mandatory.

    Yes, it can. There is no limit on the number of schemes in AIF.


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